21 Vital Restaurants on SE Division/Clinton

Where to eat in Portland’s #1 food neighborhood

The Southeast Division Street and Clinton Street neighborhood is one of Portland’s most formative food neighborhoods — a culinary enclave fronted by iconic restaurants like Pok Pok, Ava Gene’s, and Bollywood Theater. It’s where adventurous chefs and eaters joined forces in the 2000s to make little-known street foods a citywide sensation, and often, it’s where true flavors are born before being repackaged and sent to Portland’s West Side.

You could easily spend days perusing the array of restaurants and bars — not to mention the food carts. This map, featuring everything from breakfast and brunch to dive bars, will get you started. Just remember to save some room for ice cream.

Check out the link in Portland Monthly Magazine:  https://pdx.eater.com/maps/se-division-best-restaurants-portland

Susan Moray

Susan has lived in Portland's Ladd's Addition neighborhood for over 23 years originally hailing from L.A. and living for a few years each in NYC, Maui and the eastern Sierra Mountains. Hospitality is in her DNA, having previously managed vacation rentals in Nicaragua and on Maui. She's a passionate backpacker, fly fisher and cyclist and gardener, growing perennials and organic vegetables.  Susan loves to eat and seek out new fine dining opportunities as well as unique food trucks and she's happy to share them with you. During your stay, she can lay low, offering privacy or be a resource for your intro to Portland's many interesting offerings. For inspiration, these evocative words speak volumes to Susan. " Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray"......Rumi